August 16th 2007

Schedules Direct progress update

The Schedules Direct forums are now open! Feel free to drop by and chat while we wait to go live.

Many applications have been added to the "Approved Applications" page. If you would like yours added, let us know via the Contact page. In your message include the project name, URL, email contact (private), and up to 400 characters of description.

If the Application application (ha ha) is for a Free / Open Source project with no commercial ties we'll add it to the list.

We're getting closer to going live. Primary holdup is the Web site terms of service and the privacy policy. Both are still with the lawyers.

When we do roll out, we'll start by taking groups of 100 accounts. We'll make sure the first group is working fine before we take the next group. Once everything is running smoothly, we'll open it wide.

Stand by for future announcements.