January 13th 2009

CES and Surveys

SD Officers at CES

Schedules Direct sent two people to CES last year to meet with our TMS account manager. It was so productive that we all decided to go this year. We also felt that it would be a good time for us to all finally meet in person (since most of us never had). In the photo (left to right), you can see Robert K (listings support coordinator), Robert E (board member), Geoff N (board member), Kevin O (board member), and Chris P (chief operations officer). Unfortunately, Isaac R (board chairman) and Daniel K (board member) were not able to attend.

Despite the fact that we were short two board members, we had an incredibly productive meeting with TMS, and learned a lot from what we saw at CES. We also discovered that we all get along great with each other, so it was a very successful team building weekend.

Along with this, we've added a new surveys section to the left nav that allows us to anonymously poll visitors to this site. We've even posted an important survey to gather information about opening up Schedules Direct membership (and benefits) to people outside of the US and Canada, so please head over and share your opinion.