June 18th 2011

RepayTV Server Shutdown

Digital Networks North America has decided to stop sending guide updates to ReplayTV devices, including "lifetime" subscribed units on 7/31.

DNNA says the units will be able to "Manually Record" tv shows after the 7/31 shutdown. ReplayTV support has told some community members that all servers will be shut down on 7/31, preventing setting the system clock. In this case, "Manual Record" probably just means pressing the "record" button to record for a period of time, not a manually scheduled recording.

One of our approved applications, WiRNS has the ability to send guide data obtained from us to a ReplayTV device. Because of this, many people are thinking Schedules Direct is a direct plugin for the ReplayTV server, but we are not.

For the ReplayTV 4k/5k units, setting the time is cryptographically restricted and the WiRNS community is working to solve that problem. Hopefully DNNA or DirectTV will release the key. Without a clock, there's no point in scheduled recordings.

ReplayTV 2k/3k/Showstopper units have a different complication as they are dialup only and that dialup service may also stop. While not cryptographically signed, they require a dialup connection to set the clock unless a special patch is applied directly to the hard disk.

Schedules Direct is not directly involved in the ReplayTV efforts, but of course we're here to help. For more information monitor the XMLTV ReplayTV FAQ, WiRNS web site, WiRNS PlanetReplay Forum, and AVS ReplayTV Forum.